ALIVE.Ltd is a professional concert production

Managing Director Nishiyama, joined WILLPOWER to carry out the 2002 concert production and artist management.So far, Misato Watanabe, AUN, responsible for artists such as Orquesta de la Luz, founded the Corporation ALIVE to handle specialized in concert production in May 2011.And not a concert booking only, due to the fact that we are involved, we will promise a live quality improvement.

Concert Produce

The concert producer that I'm thinking of, we thought that of course is that it is with the artists and something that make up at all, including to technical staff and behind the scenes who support it. For this reason it's allowed to everything that can be from advance preparation to production will be my style. We will briefly to introduce the flow of up to the concert site.

[Advance preparation]

Stage Rehearsal

1. We propose the planning director of artists and management for concert
2. Looking for the venue with the eventer, make the booking in accordance with the budget
3. Technical staff schedule secure (stage director, sound, lighting, video, Special Lecture, etc.)
3. Ticket sales request to play guide (eventer)
4. The news combined news announcement timing, promotion deployment tailored to the release
5. Quality up stuffed with planning effect contents of the artist and management for the concert
5. Share music materials to technical staff. Study each section plan
6. Consolidate the artists performance in the studio rehearsal
7. Share technical staff and technical for the stage information at the studio rehearsal
8. Lunch arrangements, catering (dressing room around the fixtures) arrangements, and I will all arrange part-time work arrangements, etc.

[Production day]

hall concert
concert venue

1. First thing in the morning venue containing ~ technical staff , eventer, and greetings to the venue
2. It also carried out according to the site help of the carry-shop construction
3. Arrange relationship check-performers such as backstage around the parts waiting room setting
4. Technical staff and information sharing (transfer shares such as changes)
5. Witness Artists Venues in
6. The final meeting of artists and stage progression
7. The witness rehearsal
8. Confirmation of such rehearsal later, MC (talk) Contents
9. Doors open at the time, director of the management aspect of the lobby around
10. Production at the time to prepare for the extraordinary situation Check the concert content at stage sleeves or seats behind
11. And be sure to confirm reflection point after the production end-withdrawal operation
12. (Sometimes) to enhance the morale to perform a meal with artists and members at pub

Overseas expansion of Japanese artists

Papua New Guinea

Also has received a significant number of my job site production overseas in the desire to implementation firmly attract customers and concerts abroad. A few times a year from before about five years I can visit the always world overseas concert. Not only developed countries such as the United States and Europe, I have the popularity of Japanese artists around the world (especially the strong Japanese musical instruments), and the charm of Japanese artists in developing regions such as Asia and tropical islands I have felt the work with very challenging to be able to go tell.

Excavation of new artists

Tour accompanied
Live house

Since it carries the foot frequently in live house, even in personal work relationship also has put the emphasis on such as excavation of young artists. We may be asked to introduce the concert produced by young artists from the companies involved that we have received your work up to now, record companies, management office, and then you is that very grateful to our customers introduce artists from musicians, their work It will lead to confidence in the fact that the contents have been observed.
Schedule adjustment of live house will accompany also as much as possible of course that of live house tour, you may well also be to help the transport of such budget without the young artist when it was the instrument to local live house. There is a talented young artist is we want to continue to the dedicated to cheer as stand in the limelight.

Events production

Outdoor events production
Overseas events production

It can correspond to adapt to every field since it has partition also experience of various events produced even outdoor festivals and international concerts and has been actively. The artists Please leave such site production management at the time that television and radio appearances.

[Event production business]

1. Proposals and information sharing of planning the contents of the event organizers
2. Share such as Outline and each artist management
3. Artists of publicity material (artist photos, sound source, PV) management of
4. Expanding the perception of the event by adjusting the broadcasting station and the spot on the air
5. Creation of production materials (instrumentation, such as the staff list, time schedule)
6. The field that day to witness the scene to carry ~ rehearsal ~ production
 *Stage director role in the field can also be responsible (stage progression management, meeting with the technical staff)

Japanese instruments experience (for children)

Elementary school Japanese instruments experience
Overseas Japanese instruments concert
Gymnasium Japanese instruments concert
Overseas Japanese instruments experience event

Also we're going activities to spread the splendor of Japanese instruments to children in kindergarten and elementary school. Please feel free to contact us so you can propose a plan in accordance with the venue and budget of your choice such as school gymnasiums and community centers.
Also, we are also activities to get to know the Japanese culture people to know that the Japanese instruments to children overseas, and we want to spread to the world the goodness of Japan through these activities.

Master production (sound production)

1. The concept decision - the content of the album artist and management adjustment
2. Composer, meeting with the arrangement in charge
3. Meetings ~ studio and engineers of booking of the master production producer
4. Artists, such as the Share musicians and music and demo
5. The witness of the recording site
6. Track down, mastering studio arrangements and witness

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